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Which Rashi Is Blue Sapphire Stone For?

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blue sapphire

blue sapphire

Blue Sapphires are one of the longest-known and rarest gemstones in the world. However, they are more valuable because of their astrological significance and metaphysical properties. It is believed that the Blue sapphire or Neelam stones have powerful energies which will bring you success, name, fame, mental clarity, prosperity and fortune. 

Its astrological powers make it a potent and the fastest-acting gemstone. Hence, not everyone can wear it as it will not suit everyone. People who are suitable to wear it will get its benefits. So, who can wear blue sapphire? It depends on its ruling planet, so let’s discuss that first. 

Astrological Significance Of Blue Sapphire Stone

The ruling planet of an original Mayuriy Neelam stone is Saturn aka Shani. Saturn is the planet of Karmic lessons and spiritual liberation as well as discipline and responsibility. 

If Saturn is placed in an unfavorable position in your birth chart or horoscope, then wear a Blue sapphire stone. It will remove the adverse effects of Shani and bring you its blessings instead. 

It will be the most beneficial for those zodiac signs that are also ruled by the Shani grah. We have discussed them in the next section. 

Which Zodiacs Can Wear Blue Sapphire as per Vedic Astrology? 

As per the experts, Aquarius zodiac sign ascendant, that is, Kumbh Rashi people can wear this gem. It will be the most suitable for the Kumbh Rashi to wear as this zodiac is ruled by the planet Saturn. 

Other than Aquarius, the Capricorn (Makar Rashi) sun sign can also wear a natural Neelam gemstone. 

Wearing this gem will bring these two Rashi individuals immense success and wealth. It will boost your decision-making skills, reduce stress and bring mental peace. 

Who Should Not Wear Neelam Stone?

Experts advise that people who are born under the Aries, Leo, Scorpion, Pisces, Sagittarius or Cancer Zodiac sign should not wear this blue gem. 

Note:-  It is also advisable that you do not wear the Neelam with any other gemstone without proper consultation. It can also have side effects. 

Know all the benefits of wearing an original Neelmani stone here – Dazzling Neelam Stone Benefits You Must Know About.

Zodiacs Who Can Wear Blue Sapphire As Per Western Astrology

According to Western astrology, this gemstone is beneficial for Virgo and Taurus zodiac signs to wear. 

Virgo’s which are born between Aug. 23 to Sept. 22, Sapphire is the main birthstone. While the Taurus ascendants, who have birth dates between April 20 to May 20, have Sapphire as their alternative birthstone or second birthstone. 

Traditionally, Blue sapphires are September birthstones and are most recommended to them. Because it is an official lucky gem for September-borns, it is often used as an engagement ring for them as well. 

In recent times, blue sapphire engagement rings have become quite trendy and in fashion. Read more about it here – 5 Reasons Everyone Is Buying Sapphires For Engagement Ring.

Summing Up 

Blue Sapphire is an expensive and valuable stone, both because of its beauty and metaphysical properties. It is a stone of success and fortune but does not suit everyone. Astrologically, it should be worn only after proper consultation. 


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