May 27, 2024


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Veg Thali to Spicy Curry: Order Any Train Food on WhatsApp

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Order Food in Train on WhatsApp

Because now you can check your PNR status on WhatsApp. But did you know there are additional applications that can take advantage of this new feature? If you travel by train, you can also track the progress of your food order online. You can then use it to voice your grievances. All these features helped solve many problems. Because even the elderly can learn how to check the PNR status of a train on their own using WhatsApp. 


There are a wide range of WhatsApp alternatives available for food delivery on trains. so that purchasing your preferred meals is simple. You can Order Food in Train on WhatsApp with a variety of dishes like pizza, pasta, burgers, South Indian dishes, North Indian dishes, Pakodas, Samosas and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Only Jains can eat certain thalis and Jain dishes. So that Jains can eat while traveling in the mountains. Jain cuisine has a wide variety of dishes. 


You can also order food from various restaurants via WhatsApp


With Indian Railways’ latest partnership with a leading international fast food company, there’s no reason not to hop on a train to your next destination. Now, instead of enjoying the food served on long-distance trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi stations, passengers now have the option of purchasing Online Food Delivery In Train from their favorite fast food restaurants on board the train. 


These include popular brands such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, Haldiram, Sagar Ratna, Bikanevala, Sagar Ratna, etc. Ordering food is as easy at home as checking your train’s PNR status on WhatsApp and while you’re on the train. This is now possible at over 450 stations, thanks to his IRCTC’s e-nutrition partner, Zoop, who provided this facility. 


How can I check the PNR status of my train ticket booking?


Thanks to WhatsApp, you can now check your PNR status. Do you know if this new feature has other uses? Order Food in Train on WhatsApp can also be progress tracked. This way you can express your dissatisfaction. All these qualities played an important role in solving many problems. Now, even the elderly can learn how to order food for themselves using WhatsApp, so everyone can eat on the train. Indian Railways collaborates with ZoopIndia to send real-time train status updates via WhatsApp. To check the PNR status, follow these steps:


Look for the 10-digit PNR number on the top left corner of your IRCTC train ticket.


After entering the PNR number of your ticket, select “Get Status” from the menu. You can check your train ticket purchase information on PNR status.


How is this service provided?


You can check his PNR status for the train by following these steps:

  1. Save the number 7343989104 in your phone so you can contact him via Zoopindia.
  2. If you need an update, please send your train number to the number above.
  3. If the train is not busy, you will receive a response with the details of the relevant train within 10 seconds of your request.
  4. Check the two blue check marks to confirm that your message was successfully read and sent, and also confirm that you’re online.


The project will free up Route 139, which people currently use to check train status. Because it is designed with the needs of passengers in mind. This is second to other projects that have improved people’s lives.


This new option allows you to tailor your meals to suit you, your parents, and your children’s interests, making your travel experience less stressful. This is because some people prefer non-spicy foods while others prefer spicy foods. So you can place your food order based on that. Crunchy snacks make afternoon tea even more special.


On the train, you can order food delivery using WhatsApp


This auto-generated massage method allows you to eat a quick lunch. So you can track your order and Order Food in Train on WhatsApp on the train. This allows restaurants to track your thoughts and deliver your food on time. A variety of dishes are available including pizza, pasta, burgers, north and south Indian cuisine, pakodas, samosas and other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


 Only Jains can eat special thalis and Jain dishes to ensure Jains can eat while traveling in the mountains. Jain meals offered a variety of dishes. This makes it easier for restaurants to contact you and meet your needs. A courier will then come to your home. Receive hot, fresh food right away.


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