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Setting Up Linksys Range Extender Quickly

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Are you searching for information on how to configure Linksys extenders? Then you will visit the right page. On this page, you will gather all the information regarding the Linksys WiFi extender setup. So read this page briefly.

Linksys Extender LEDs & Button Identification

WPS LED:- The solid WPS LED defines that the extender is perfectly connected to the host router. 

Power LED:- The blinking power LED indicates that the Linksys extender is properly powered on. 

Reset Button:- When all the LEDs of the Linksys extender will turn off after pressing the reset button. 

Things Required To Install Linksys Extenders

Grab the working power socket.

Must have a working WiFi device. 

The WiFi device supported the latest web browser.

The computer must be connected with the Linksys extender default WiFi network. 

Know the login credentials. 


The apart are the few things that you will require to configure the Linksys extender. 

Access Linksys Extender Web Page

To access the web page, follow below directions

First, place the Linksys extender power plug in the power-supplied electrical socket. 

After that, take the computer and attach it to Linksys Extender’s official WiFi network. 

Now, on a connected computer open Chrome and type extender.linksys.com in the address bar. 

Fill in all the default information such as default SSID and security password. 

At the end, tap on the login icon to access the Linksys extender web management page. 

Configure Extender 

To configure the Linksys extender there are two methods. Follow the directions of the two methods which one do you prefer to configure the extender 


Setup Extender By Pressing WPS Button:- 

An early look at the WPS on both router and extender. After that, press both unit WiFi-protected setup buttons. After pressing the WPS LED starts blinking solid which means the extender is successfully connected to the main router. Further, take out the extender power plug from an electrical socket. In the end, place the extender in that zone or area where you face slow internet speed. 


Configure Linksys Extender By Ethernet Cable:-

In the power outlet plug in the Linksys WiFi range extender. After that, connect an ethernet cable from the router ethernet port to the extender ethernet port. Further, connect the computer or cell phone with the Linksys WiFi range extender network. Now, type extender.linksys.com in the URL bar. Further, tap on the start setup option and pick AP mode. Later, make a new WiFi network name and security password. Finally, connect the WiFi device with the Linksys WiFi range extender network. 


After the login and configuration process of the Linksys WiFi range extender, if you face any error such as the Linksys WiFi range extender not working properly then try the below troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. 

Solution Tips To Fix Linksys Extender Error

Download Linksys Extender Latest Firmware:- To install the Linksys WiFi range extender latest software version, go to the Linksys web management page. For this, load the browser and type the default Linksys extender web address. Now, fill in the information which is shown on the web page. After that, look and tap on network administration, and under that click on the software installation option. At long last, download the Linksys extender’s latest firmware file. 


Change Linksys Extender Location:- By changing or placing the extender at the optimal location of the house you can also fix errors. When you change placement then make sure don’t place the extender closer to metal or electronic appliances. Metal or electronic types of appliances absorb the WiFi signals that come from extenders or routers. 


Power On/Off Linksys Extender:- To begin with, push the Linksys WiFi range extender power button to turn it off. After turning off, from an electrical socket take out the Linksys extender power plug. Later, rest and put the extender plug back into a wall socket. Finally, press again the Linksys extender power button to power it on. 


Recognize Hardware Parts:- We recommend you recognize the Linksys WiFi range extender hardware parts that are connecting with the Linksys extender device. If there any hardware part is faulty or corrupted then urgently change it with a new one. 


Reset All Default Settings:- To reset the Linksys extender all default settings, look for the reset button. After that, take the hairpin and press the reset button with a paperclip. Now, all the Linksys extender LEDs will be turned off, which means the extender is completely reset now. 

Important Note:- After resetting the Linksys WiFi range extender, you will be required to do the Linksys WiFi extender setup and login process. 


After reading all the directions on this page, we hope you will learn all the information about the Linksys extender installation process. In your mind in the future, if you have any questions or queries then feel free to contact our technician, for more updates stay near this page. 

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