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Seasoned Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County

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Domestic violence is a serious issue and one that’s rampant in California. California law refers to domestic violence as a collective term that encompasses various acts of violence between family members, fiance, ex-spouse, or a domestic partner.
If you are a victim of domestic violence or have been wrongfully charged with the offense, it’s critical to hire a domestic violence lawyer in Orange County who can protect your rights. We can obtain restraining orders and take other measures to put an end to the violence and ensure you aren’t incriminated on circumstantial evidence.
Don’t leave your defense to mere facts – trust in a domestic violence lawyer in Orange County to achieve your goals.
Consequences of Domestic Violence
Domestic violence includes acts such as:
· Assault
· Battery
· Abuse
· Stalking
· Threatening
One of the main considerations in DV cases is the extent of injuries inflicted on the victim. If charged, the accused may be facing charges under misdemeanor or felony. It is also likely that the victim may opt for a civil lawsuit and recover all damages suffered by them.
A domestic violence charge may also include trickle-down ancillary effects such as the threat of losing a job, loss of prestige in the community, etc.
Here for you at Every Step of the Way
Whether you’re facing domestic abuse or are subject to false allegations, you must reach out to a domestic violence lawyer in Orange County to protect your rights and keep yourself and your family safe.
Contact Jos Family law office today. We’ll be happy to hear your case and provide you with a no-obligation and free consultation session.
Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to jos@josfamilylaw.com to get in touch.

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