May 18, 2024


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Best Strategies To Keep Your Real Estate IDX Website On The Top of SERPs 

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Real Estate IDX Website

Dealing with a constantly changing real estate market may be difficult, particularly when it involves developing and implementing new real estate marketing strategies. Real estate agents have to stay informed on the newest trends to maintain the top SERP ranking for their best real estate agent websites with IDX. This in-depth manual examines eight distinct real estate agent marketing plans for 2024. 

If you use these innovative techniques, your real estate company can reach new heights. So, let’s get started and help you achieve unheard-of success in 2024 and beyond as a real estate agent!

Give Priority to Video Marketing

In the current real estate marketing environment, video marketing has emerged as a crucial component of winning campaigns. Videos of superior quality may interest viewers and successfully communicate property facts more so than words or pictures alone. Start by concentrating on making property showcase films that emphasize the special qualities of your properties. 

Visitors may completely involve themselves in an event with virtual tours and live streaming, enabling them to make better-informed opinions. Advances in 360-degree VR video enable customers to virtually visit a property by accessing your best IDX website for realtors, meeting the rising need for digital experiences.

Employ Efficient Lead-Capture Techniques 

Transform website visitors into leads by putting lead capture tactics into practice on your best real estate agent websites with IDX. Give them useful materials in return for contact details, such as market reports or ebooks. Include contact forms that are easy to find and utilize on every page of your website. 

Include strong calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage visitors to complete certain tasks, such as reserving a consultation or subscribing to property notifications. Engage potential customers by personalizing your approach and obtaining their contact information for future correspondence. 

Keeping An Eye On And Shifting To Market Trends 

Professionals in real estate must be aware of current market trends. You may learn more about market trends using analytics tools, such as the most sought-after property kinds, developing areas, or shifting real estate values. Keeping a close eye on these patterns will enable you to modify your marketing plans as necessary.

You may establish yourself as an authority and improve your chances of drawing in new customers by coordinating your marketing initiatives with current market trends. 

Exhibit Endorsements

With your real estate marketing, your happy past customers are a great way to increase your reputation and foster trust. If a sale proceeds well, follow up with the clients you assisted to obtain a paragraph-long summary of your helpfulness. 

Put the stuff on your website as soon as you get it and the clients consent to project it so that potential clients may see how successfully you’ve previously assisted others in similar circumstances. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Real estate brokers are not an exception to this rule; it applies to all company owners who manage the best real estate agent websites with IDX. You want to have the smoothest possible online experience. When potential customers want to learn more about your company, they shouldn’t have to cope with an awkward mobile site that looks like a desktop computer squeezed into a phone screen. 

Employ a CRM To Follow Potential Customers

Software for managing customer relationships (CRM) is an effective tool for lead management and organisation. You may monitor customer correspondence, schedule follow-up reminders, and analyze data using a CRM to enhance your marketing tactics. It keeps you updated on client interactions and ensures that no leads slide through the cracks. 


If real estate brokers want to succeed in 2024 with their best IDX website for realtors, they must be versatile and tweak their marketing strategies in reaction to market developments. Although the tactics we’ve listed above are crucial for success, your entire real estate marketing strategy should be focused on something other than them. You may create a popular real estate IDX website that attracts more visitors from your intended audience by using a real estate builder platform such as Bidhom. In addition, arrange a meeting with us to learn more about our real estate developer platform, Bidhom to craft the best IDX website for realtors.

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