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Powerful Google Review Widget For Harnessing Them Into Your Website

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Customer reviews have become a cornerstone these days for the business to show their credibility. Moreover, customers also put their trust in businesses when they see previous customers saying positive about their products and services. 

To support the choice of potential customers numerous customer review platforms are now available in the market but the best choice among them is Google reviews. When people do their research about a business the first place they visit is Google, as it has the most authentic word of mouth of the real customers. Thus, looking into the trust factor of the online review platform Google modern businesses have started to embed Google reviews on website

Now the question is how businesses are integrating Google reviews into their website. Well, doing it all manually can be a challenging process which is why multiple aggregator tool exists for making the process hassle-free. 

This article has mentioned some of the well-known aggregator tools present in the market that will help users create a Google review widget by curating the reviews and showcasing them on your website. 

Thus, read the article carefully to gather complete knowledge about each tool. 

What Do You Understand By Google Review Widget? 

Before digging into know about the tools let’s clear the basics by knowing about the Google review widget.

In simple words, a Google review widget is the feature you embed on your website to display the Google reviews of your business to your potential customers. With the help of an aggregator tool you get to create your review widget and with the help of unique HTML code, you can embed them into any website. 

Users are allowed to collect reviews directly from Google My Business and curate them in a widget. Thus, by embedding the Google review widget on website you show strong social proof of your business through the positive experience of your previous customers. 

Top Aggregator Tool To Add The Power Of Google Reviews Into Any Website 

The above discussion gives you a basic introduction to the Google review widget, hope it has helped you understand the term. Now let’s move forward to learn about the tools that will help you to create a Google review widget and also to embed them on the website without any hassle. Below is a list of some well-known aggregator tools shared with you go through it to know about each of them. 

1. Tagembed 

Opening the list with one of the prominent and well-known aggregator tools Tagembed. This one is a very smart aggregator tool that can collect, curate, and embed customer reviews from top online review platforms in less than a minute including Google reviews. Tagembed is the popular choice of businesses and marketers today because of its user-friendly interface and advanced features. This tool can be used by a non-coder person also because it helps users with codeless integration. 

Talking about its customization features Tagembed offers the best under the most affordable pricing plan. One can change the whole look and feel of the widget, matching it to the branding style. Users can change card style, author style, font style, font size, add custom CSS, and more. The best feature Tagembed offers is the profanity filter that lets users filter out unnecessary reviews. 

2. Trustindex

The next in the curated list of aggregator tools is the Trustindex. The smart aggregator tool of Trustindex is capable of collecting and showcasing reviews from different online review platforms in just 3 minutes, including Google reviews. The tool of Trustindex is mobile responsive and comes with easy integration. 

Trustindex comes with customization features that help to create a great-looking Google review widget. Users have the option for complete personalization from selecting colors to modifying text and more. You can select layouts and themes for your widget from numerous options just as per your choice. 

3. WP Social Ninja 

WP Social Ninja is the third Google review widget in the list which is also a feature-packed option for your business. This widget tool has multiple display options and can seamlessly collect reviews from multiple top review platforms, including Google reviews. The tool of WP Social Ninja is super responsive and can run on multiple devices.

This tool has an easy setup process so you dont have to worry. Businesses can collect Google reviews according to the 5-star ratings without any extra hassle. It comes with customization options as well so businesses can choose their preferred layout from its different options to match the look of their branding. Moreover, it also comes with a filtering option so you can filter inappropriate reviews from displaying. The pricing plan of WP Social Ninja is also affordable.

4. Review Widget 

Here comes the Review Widget fourth Google review widget for you in the curated list. This is also one of the best aggregator tools in the list which helps businesses to gain the trust of the customers and conversion. The process of integration is really easy so you can expect less hassle for collecting and embedding the Google reviews on your website.

The Customization features of the Review widget are also amazing. So, users can create their widget and style it matching the look of their website. It comes with a range of templates that can be chosen by users according to their needs. The tool allows a fully coded integration process so you dont need to learn coding. 

Over To You 

It’s time to start utilizing the power of Google reviews for your business growth. The best strategy is to embed a Google review widget on website this helps to show the credibility of your business to potential buyers. Thus, an aggregator tool will lessen your hurdle to showcase the Google reviews on your website.

Above this article has talked about the powerful aggregator tool that will help you to create a Google review widget and also to embed it on your website without any hassle. This tool is very simple to use and makes the whole process smooth. 

Thus, choose the one that best fits your business needs and start embedding.

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