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How to Ace 8.5 in IELTS Speaking Part By Ahmedabad Experts?

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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is mandatory for immigration and study in English-speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, New Zealand, etc. This test consists of four sections- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. This article includes tips for achieving an 8.5 score in IELTS speaking part. It needs a focus practice for at least 3-4 weeks to prepare themselves perfectly for this exam. Students can enrol in the best IELTS coaching in Ahmadabad to achieve the desired score. This city has many popular classes for this test and helps learners get their band score easily.

This was a brief about IELTS exam, below you can learn more about the speaking section in depth.

What is the IELTS Speaking Part?

The IELTS speaking section includes three main parts:

  • Interview Step: Introduce yourself, and talk about your family, career, hobbies, etc.
  • Speaking Test: You will be given a task to speak on a particular topic.
  • Discussion: Discuss the issue related to the specified subject.

 How are the marks calculated?

The IELTS speaking part scores are calculated based on some specified criteria. Below are some standards students should consider while taking the exam. The scale is given below:

  • Fluency and Logicality- 7.5
  • Vocabulary-8.0
  • Pronunciation-6.5
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy-7.0

This score will be added and then divided by 4 Likewise.

7.5+8.0+6.5+7.0/4= 7.25 converted into 7.5 as a round figure, and that will be your IELTS speaking section result.

Time and duration

The overall time for this section is 11-14 minutes. Students should complete this part within the duration.

  • For the first part – 4.5 minutes
  • Second- 3 min approx
  • Third- 4-5 min respectively

After understanding the three parts of the speaking test, it’s time to explore tips from the best IELTS coaching in Ahmadabad.

Tips to Get a High Score in the Speaking Section

The IELTS speaking part is the most difficult among the four because students’ biggest issue is the lack of pronunciation skills.  This leaves them nervous in front of the interviewer, which will harm their performance. However, this is an easy challenge to overcome; below are some tips if you follow them while taking the test, it will boost your chances of getting 8.5 in the section:

  • Take the IELTS speaking practice test every month to get your progress report monthly.
  • Don’t memorize the answers, mainly in part one. Studied answers don’t give the examiner an accurate measure of your English language skills.
  • Don’t use hard or unfamiliar words in your speaking test to impress the examiner.
  • Remember that you are not assessing your knowledge of the specific topic. This exam is based on testing your fluency and pronunciation skills, so be relaxed when you answer.
  • You should expand your answers and show how fluent you are. To maintain a positive flow during the conversation it is crucial to have clarity of thought and expression. Fluency is a must in this section, you will need to maintain a good flow in the exam.

Look at this example for more clarification:

Examiner: What is your favourite pet animal?

Candidate: My favourite pet animal is a dog. I have always found myself drawn to dogs because of their playful nature.

Examiner: Why

Candidate: Unlike cats, dogs are more active in daily life. They also make great company because they are beautiful, cute, attractive and intelligent. Moreover, they love to entertain.

  • Try to use a range of grammar structures and simple sentences to express what you want to say.
  • Don’t worry about your accent; the examiner knows that you are not from an English-speaking country. You should only focus on your communication skills while answering.
  • There is no harm in taking a brief pause to think about what to say; everyone does it to process the answer.
  • Speak confidently; don’t use one word repetitively. Adding filler while speaking does not sound good to the examiner. Try these: you know, umm, well, yeah, etc.
  • Maintaining eye contact plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of discussion, and it will boost your confidence.
  • There is no right or wrong answer in the speaking section. Give your opinion and ideas confidently on the given topic.
  • Do not rush while you are speaking in the IELTS speaking part. It will mess up your pronunciation in the exam.

These were the following tips students should follow while taking the test to ace 8.5 in the speaking section.


In conclusion, surpassing the IELTS speaking test is not easy. Students need a lot of prep and concentration to ace good scores on the test. Taking the IELTS speaking mock test every month will boost your preparation in many ways.

Besides this, students should read lots of books, newspapers, and blogs that will help develop a flow in the English language. So, learners should start their practice at least 3-4 weeks before the exam.

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