June 13, 2024


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Creating an Effective Salesforce Version Control System

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The initial change direction for Salesforce DevOps and essential release operations enablers is vital for integrating one of the version control systems (VCS). That is why using a tool resembling the traditional Changeset could be very restrictive as Salesforce evolves and expands. A Salesforce Version Control System is designed as a centralized and well-structured file change management; it has one advantage compared to the traditional SCM.

Simplified Rollbacks and Improved Reliability

Backouts are typically foundational to every version control system; however, Salesforce hosts an easy-to-implement backout. When instances of this deployment are realized to be disastrous, the types of control in Salesforce Version Control System allow a developer to revert to the latest codebase versions instantly. This capability makes it possible in the event of some complications to take necessary steps early enough to prevent any interference with the stability of the salesforce environment.

Single Source of Truth

This disassociates environments and makes it possible to benchmark different systems rather than solely referring to sandbox environments. If sandboxes are out of synch daily in traditional environments, such as when setting up sandboxes takes 24 hours, then this error might cause deployment problems. With Salesforce Version Control System, there will always be one point that sets a universal definition of what represents the most authoritative version of your source codes, and this is the main branch irrespective of the working environment employed in the application development process, testing, or deployment. This setup also aids in deployment and dismisses the dials apparatus where the ambiance to develop the program differs from the ambiance to test the program.

Enhanced Audit Trails

Tracking matters and documents are also valuable because they allow for changes to be tracked and aid in compliance and problem resolution. Version control in a salesforce records the version number in which the codes are updated along with the go and concise details of who modified it and why the modification was made. With such a detailed logging system, auditing is easy, and the areas that may require attention or more time are identified. Furthermore, whereas a Changesets provides information on the history of code change as it happens at a Changesets-only level, a Salesforce Version Control System has a better view of the code flow.

Automated Deployments

Automation plays an integral part in the process and is one of the pillars on which DevOps relies to be effective. Regarding the Salesforce Version Control System, CI/CD tools are often used for automated leveling. These goals can be achieved by enabling the integration of the CI/CD pipeline control systems with VCSs.


Lastly, it is crucial and essential to implement a Salesforce Version Control System to enhance the reliability and particular quality of codes and encourage collaboration among team members during development. This is where a system like Flosum can be primarily helpful to organizations since it implements the improved versioning approach and is built right on the Salesforce base, which would mean inherent integration and user-friendliness.

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