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Choose Durable and Functional Wall Tiles at Our Showrooms

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Even though furnishings play a significant role in showcasing your style, taste, and class, they are just the toppings on the cake. Your walls serve as the base of your house. That’s why you should think about upgrading them with durable and functional wall tiles available at your nearby wall tile showroom in Jalandhar. 

Spaces in Home for Wall Tile Designs

Wall tile designs are highly versatile and play a huge role in not only accentuating the space but also helping to raise the value of spaces. You can even optimise their placement to add your unique touch of creativity to your spaces. So, while laying wall tiles, you may go on to the most eye-catching spots to elevate the overall visual aesthetics of your spaces. Here are some places that are best to add wall tiles. 

  • Kitchens: Backsplash walls usually serve as a focal point, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen. You can opt for eye-catching or soothing wall tile designs depending on your decor theme. Plus, wall tiles can provide hygiene and functional value to the working spaces in the kitchens. 
  • Bathrooms: Generally, bathrooms are more exposed to moisture and splashes of bathing liquids. So, you should prefer to lay less porous wall tiles to protect the walls from water spills. 
  • Balcony: Balcony walls get exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Plus, they need more protection during rainy seasons, especially the bottom part of the walls due to possible rainwater splashes. 
  • Living Room Accent Walls: It is always a good idea to create an accent wall in living rooms. They serve as focal points and let the space be more visually engaging areas while standing out and breaking the monotonous look of the entire living room.
  • Front Elevation: The front wall of your house needs to speak your personality, and you can do that by laying elevation wall tiles. 
  • Bedroom Feature Wall: Like living rooms, accent or feature walls are a great addition to bedrooms. You can differentiate the wall by laying a complementing pattern of wall tiles but standing out at the same time. 
  • Passageways: Passage walls play dual roles – serving as decorative and raising the property’s value. You can opt for good-quality tiles with stain-resisting properties to maintain cleanliness in these crowded areas. 

Durable and Functional Wall Tile Designs

Large Format Tiles

Large-format tiles are known for their capacity to infuse a sense of depth and elegance into any interior setting. Featured by their large sizes, these tiles can effortlessly upgrade dull walls into a canvas of regalness and sophistication. With fewer grout lines, they offer a visual flow, making the walls appear taller.

Subway Tiles with a Twist

Subway wall tiles offer a timeless look to any space while accentuating the aesthetics of the walls. With their clean, rectangular pattern, they create a classic look that can easily infuse into any space, from bathrooms to kitchens. You can reach out to any tile showroom in Jalandhar to explore the diversity of these tiles. 

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are recognised for adding an artistic flair to interior spaces. These tiles come with an assembled design of small pieces to create a mesmerising design. So, they are perfect for creating a stunning accent wall, offering a visual display that adds a touch of luxury and creativity to your interior decor. 

Patterned Tiles

Pattern tiles offer a unique way to add character and distinctiveness to any space. They truly deliver a fusion of art and design. From soft and subtle Victorian-inspired to modern geometric, pattern tiles come with a huge diversity and allow you to upgrade your walls in your style and let you transfer your story to the on-lookers.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles can beautifully imitate the beauty of real stones but with elevated practicality. They can capture the charm of natural textures and colours, delivering an organic feel to the interiors. From travertine to sandstone, you can find these tiles in different natural stone options that can offer a sense of authenticity to your space. 

Elevation Tiles 

Upgrading your house’s front wall is an excellent idea to make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. Plus, your exterior walls serve as a blank canvas which you can transform with your creativity. You can just visit any good wall tile showroom to explore elevation wall tile options to upgrade your exterior looks. 

Moroccan Tiles

Inspired by traditional Moroccan designs, these wall tiles come with intricate and colourful designs that can infuse a vibrant feel to any space. Thanks to their colourful and rich perspective, your walls can put up a display to attract attention on their own. They are ideal for adding a touch of exotic and eclectic style to kitchen backsplashes. 

Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are another trending tile option that is great at protecting the walls. Despite having the appearance of natural wood, they are more durable and can make spaces more functional. Also, they provide a natural feel and warmth of real wood at a fraction of their cost. You can even explore wooden planks to create a warm, rustic, and cosy ambience in your space. 

3D Tiles

3D tiles are the trending wall tile design that comes with the ability to create a sense of depth while adding textures to the walls. You can visit any reputed wall tile showroom in Jalandhar with a large display of 3D tiles, ranging from brick patterns to stone tiles. 

Floral Tiles

Tiles with floral patterns or designs offer an amazing way to bring the outdoor nature indoors. Thanks to digital printing technology, they are available in diverse designs. You can use them in different areas, including bathrooms and bedrooms. Also, you can lay them on your living room wall as decorative pieces. 


Wall tiles can beautifully define the style and theme of your space. So, visit a reputed tile showroom in Jalandhar, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to explore various wall tiles.

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