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CBSE International High Schools in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is an expat magnet that sees people from all over the world come to it – some as tourists and others to work and live there, often with their families. The fact that the emirate offers world-class living standards and boasts some really fantastic schools makes the place all the more attractive for such expats. 

In this article we shall look at the best-known high schools in Abu Dhabi including the foremost CBSE international schools in Abu Dhabi:


1. Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi is a premier K to grade 12 school that is extremely popular with the expat Indian community living in the emirate. That is on account of the fact that it has a great reputation as a school that provides a world-class international education to its students, even while helping them imbibe core Indian values. 

Besides, it also offers them the leading Indian curriculum CBSE apart from Global Montessori Plus for its preschool students.

GIIS Abu Dhabi is run by a leading Indian group of international schools with branches around the world. It boasts a sprawling cutting-edge campus with a list of world-class amenities and facilities. 

The students of this school are encouraged to not only excel at academics but also at a range of extracurricular activities which results in them turning out to be well-rounded individuals. GIIS Abu Dhabi has a fantastic track record with regard to the ability of its students to obtain admission to the best colleges and universities.


2. Ryan International School, Masdar

Ryan International School, Masdar is another outstanding international school in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 2015 is a CBSE school par excellence with stellar cutting-edge infrastructure that makes receiving world-class education a pleasure and a privilege. A 13:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that every child receives the close attention they need to learn, grow and develop.

The Ryan group of schools has a sterling reputation for the sheer quality of education provided by them across their branches in India and overseas. The track record of Ryan International School Masdar is absolutely stellar in terms of the academic performance of all its students and their ability to do well in whatever they take up in life. 

Going by the fact that their students have managed to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere, there is no surprise in the fact that it is so popular with the expat communities living in Abu Dhabi, especially, the Indian one.


3. GEMS United Indian School, Anu Dhabi

GEMS United Indian School, Abu Dhabi is another one of the leading K to grade 12 CBSE schools. Located in Baniyas West area of the emirate it is quite a favourite with the expat Indian community in the region. 

The school boasts a fabulously well-appointed campus and some really good teachers with great qualifications and years of experience behind them. Every student is mentored in a manner that they are able to grow to the very best of their abilities.

The school takes great care in ensuring that every child receives an education that comprises not just academics, but a range of extracurricular activities as well. This ensures that all the students receive as holistic an education as possible allowing them to develop well-rounded personalities. 

The school consistently performs very well when it comes to academics with its students regularly making it to the best colleges and universities after completing their education there. It is hardly very surprising that the school is so highly regarded by expat communities living in the region.



The CBSE international schools in Abu Dhabi are a lifeline for its expat Indian community in that these help provide the best possible education to their children. Had it not been for these schools many such expats may not have taken up employment in the Emirate. 

As a matter of fact, these schools have led to the creation of a world-class ecosystem of quality schools in the region. That in turn has made Abu Dhabi quite a regional hub of education. The Emirate is now as much known for its excellent educational facilities, as it is for its other attractions. 

Going forward we can expect these Indian CBSE schools to continue to contribute in a big way towards educating the children of its expat residents. India as a nation is known for its prowess in the field of education and it is not surprising that Indian international schools have made a mark for themselves in nations around the world, including the UAE, where its schools in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are amongst the most sought after.

The students completing their education at these schools have gone on to do quite well in their chosen fields of expertise in the process embellishing the reputation of these schools as institutions of success in the best possible manner.

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