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Benefits of Installing Rolling Shutters in Dubai

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Shutters were traditionally used solely for security purposes. Shutters, which were often thick and unsightly, kept criminals out while making your home appear industrial and huge.

Rolling shutters Dubai are becoming increasingly popular with Dubai homes and business owners as a stylish and elegant way to improve their lifestyle, save money, and secure their most valuable belongings.

This article will discuss the advantages of installing rolling shutters in homes and businesses.

  • Home and business security

Every year, 200,000 burglaries occur in Dubai, causing stress for families and damaging vulnerable Dubai residents. With burglaries up for the fourth consecutive year, your house and company are likely to remain targeted next year as well. The most obvious benefit is a sense of security that protects you and your stuff.

Burglary rates in Dubai are the highest in the country, making them a necessity rather than a luxury. Unlike other forms of protection that warn you of break-ins after the fact, such as CCTV cameras or alarms, rolling shutters Dubai prevent break-ins from occurring at all. A lowered shutter provides a significant visual deterrent to keep thieves away because most thieves are pursuing ‘quick wins’ that won’t take long.

  • Noise reduction

Loud neighbors, passing autos, or busy streets. Background noise might quickly become a serious issue. In fact, any noise greater than 85 dB can harm your hearing. If you prefer peace, your residential roller shutters can be lowered to reduce noise by up to 50%.

This is the result of polyurethane being poured into each roller to offer insulation. Designed to reduce audible noise, you can experience an island of tranquility at home, whether you live near a bustling school or across from a noisy road. This is especially significant if the background noise occurs at nighttime.

  • Sun protection

With an average summer high of over 30°C, the Dubai heat is a constant challenge for your house and business. A common error made by Dubai homes and business owners is to install curtains or blinds and believe that will be enough to keep oppressive heat out.

Unfortunately, glass windows merely absorb sunshine and transfer it through to curtains and blinds, causing your room to heat up like a sauna. At home, this makes weekends difficult, while businesses risk losing consumers to cooler competitors.

In contrast, window shutters and roller doors provide an extra layer of sun protection, preventing overheating and keeping dangerous UV rays away from your family and clients. With your rollers down, you may enjoy a lower temperature inside, and with the AC turned off, you may even save money on your next electricity bill.

  • Energy Savings

Would you like to pay less for your next electricity bill? According to studies, up to 70% of hot air and 30% of cool air escape via your windows. Using rolling shutters Dubai to keep summer heat out and winter heat in can help you save money on your energy bills (despite nationwide increases in energy expenses).

According to the Roller Shutter Industry Standards, installing roller shutters can save your annual energy use by up to 64%. Even better, they are green technologies that will help to make the world a more sustainable place without increasing your carbon footprint.


Hence, by installing quality rolling shutters Dubai, you can easily and effortlessly protect your homes and businesses from harm.

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