June 13, 2024


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Avoid These Slip-Ups: Tile Design Mistakes for your Modern Kitchen

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A kitchen is a place in the home where culinary creations and hearts connect. However, with numerous design possibilities, selecting the ideal tiles in Chennai can turn the dream of a perfect and modern kitchen into a design dilemma. Choosing the correct kitchen tiles design is a vital step as it impacts both the functionality and modernity of your kitchen. If done right, they can enhance the overall look of the space. 


This blog will guide you through common kitchen tile design mistakes to avoid while making your ideal kitchen aesthetically pleasing and helpful. You will also learn some insider tips for choosing tiles in Chennai for your modern kitchen.  

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Ignoring Traffic Flow

When designing a kitchen, it is vital to consider it as a graceful flow rather than a chaotic traffic jam. Achieving this harmonious atmosphere requires careful workflow planning. This includes designating areas for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. One effective way to improve the flow of a kitchen space is to avoid complex tile patterns. Opting for larger, simpler tiles in these busy zones ensures a more streamlined look and contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience.

Mistake #2: Forgetting Floor Space

When designing small kitchens, avoiding overwhelming tiles is essential, which can make the space feel cramped. Busy patterns or big tiles can visually make a room smaller, but if you select smaller tiles or lay them diagonally, you may create a sense of openness and growth in the perceived length of the kitchen.  For those who want to achieve a modern and sophisticated look in their compact kitchen, Orientbell Tiles offers a wide range of designs in the tiles in Chennai in their showroom. For example, they have options like neutral tones that can add a touch of modern sophistication to your compact kitchen.

Mistake #3: Neglecting Maintenance

Modern kitchens are meant to be loved, not constantly cleaned. Keep in mind the ease of maintenance when choosing tiles. For the walls that see spills and stains, choose glazed tiles that are smooth to wipe down. Avoid textured tiles that would trap dust and grime.

Mistake #4: Following Trends Blindly

While it is genuine that trends may evolve over the years, your kitchen must remain a true reflection of your unique personality and flavour. Although it can be beneficial to seek inspiration from cutting-edge styles, it is now optional to feel restricted by them. Opting for the right designs and colours will make sure that your kitchen keeps resonating with you for countless years ahead, surpassing temporary trends and ultimately finding a space that makes you happy every time you enter it. Orientbell Tiles Boutiques are one of the best options for finding tiles in Chennai, as they will help you find a perfect tile according to the trends.

Mistake #5: Avoid Making a Layout

Think about the tile arrangement and the appearance you want. Before embarking on the installation process, take the time to explore different potential design ideas for your kitchen tiles thoroughly. Creating a basic sketch showing the chosen design concept is highly beneficial. This will assist you in identifying how many tiles are required, to help you order the right quantity of tiles and avoid losing extra cash.


By keeping these helpful tips and tricks in mind you can create a modern and functional kitchen for your home. Remember, your kitchen is a space where you express your culinary creativity for your family. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with tiles in your kitchen by keeping style and functionality both in mind. Visit your nearest tile shop or browse the internet for an extensive collection of top-quality tiles in Chennai.

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