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Astrological Benefits of Wearing “Guru Stone”

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Yellow sapphire stones, or Pukhraj, are known to influence the betterment of physical well-being. This gemstone has healing properties. That is why it is the most popular gemstone. This gemstone is astrologically linked to the almighty Jupiter.  The liver and transfats of the body are associated with this gemstone.

By wearing this gemstone, one can nurture the positive vibrations of Jupiter. This gem can help you encounter a refinement in liver fitness along with digestion. The potential benefits are that this gem is a vital source of energy, leading to a magnified immune system and improving overall health and wellness.

What is a Guru Stone?

An explanation of the Guru Stones and their significance. Let’s study the method of wearing Guru stones and their relevance.
The auspicious time to unravel a magnificent yellow sapphire stone for the first usage occurred on Thursday morning at the time of Shukla Paksha. However, if you are wearing it, it is first recommended to refine the gemstone. It can be done by dipping the Pukhraj gemstone ring or pendant in Gangajal the night before.

Astrological Associations and how the Guru Stones are connected to astrology.

 The guru stone is a birthstone for people born in September. According to astrological practices, wearing the Original Pukhraj Stone during the birth month leads to positive effects. This stone aligns the cosmic energies linked with Jupiter or guru to its wearer.

Identifying the authentic yellow sapphire or original Pukhraj stone?

Choosing a genuine Guru stone needs a sharp eye and special expertise. Here are the methods to find the difference between genuine Pukhraj and fake gemstones:

1. Color and Clarity: A Pukhraj has colorful, pure yellow shades without any coatings. This gem must be evident, with minimal or no inclusions.
2. Detailed Gravity Test: Guru stone sinks in milk, but a fake can float.
3. Breath Test: In case you breathe, the authentic sapphire stone tends to be covered by the fog through the breath; this will disappear instantly. In this case, the gemstone will not be real.
4. Hardness Examination: The original yellow Sapphire stone is tough and may not get scratched seamlessly. Try grinding a glass with the gem; if it creates a mark, that is a true gemstone.
5. Professional Testing: There are numerous reliable techniques you can use to get your gemstone tested. Always choose reputable gem laboratories that use authentic specialization techniques and equipment.

Last Note

Embark on your gemstone journey by nurturing the celestial energies of the Guru stone. But always remember the ways of wearing the astrological benefits of stone. Follow the guidelines to care for and recharge this mystical gemstone. Definitely, by doing this, you can unlock wisdom, power, and divinity in your life.
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