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Aeromexico Name Correction Policy: Everything You Must Know

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Aeromexico Name Correction Policy

Aeromexico acknowledges the requirement for travelers to alter spelling errors or make legal name changes. Therefore, the airline offers a flexible Aeromexico name correction policy to facilitate such adjustments without any problem. With the policy, you can edit misspellings due to typos or change names under legal compulsions like divorce, marriage, etc. In this guide, you will explore the methods available for correcting a name on your flight ticket, the limitations that you should comply with before making any modification, the required fee to update the name, and more.  

Guidelines For Aeromexico Flight Name Change

The airline constitutes a passenger-oriented name correction/change policy to help passengers. According to the guidelines, you must make the essential modifications before boarding the flight. Here are the major highlights of the respective policy.

  • Aeromexico must operate and market the flight. The flight segments need not be managed by the codeshare or interline network partners. 
  • The reservation should consist of flight segments that are unused. 
  • Under the name correction policy, travelers are permitted to alter up to three letters in the first/middle/surname. 
  • Name changes are allowed due to divorce, marriage, or any other legal compulsion and must be supported by proper documentation.    
  • Aeromexico prohibits complete name change on the ticket or ticket transfer to other passengers. 
  • According to the Aeromexico name correction policy, you can submit your name change/modification request about 24 hours prior to the departure. 
  • You can’t request a name change after finishing the check-in formalities. 

Types Of Name Change/Correction Request Aeromexico Accepts

The airline considers the following situations under the name correction policy, provided that your ticket should be within validity. 

  • Minor Mistakes Within Name: You are allowed to edit minor misspellings up to three letters without any issue. However, in the event your name has been incorrect to the extent of being unrecognizable, you should contact the airline. You must place the request up to 24 hours prior to the departure.  
  • Correct/Add Middle Name: Passengers are permitted to add, remove, or correct Aeromexico wrong middle name on airline ticket to the name on their travel document or government-authorized ID. The name change fee with applicable fare difference might apply. 
  • Inverted Name: In case your first name and surname have been exchanged, you can correct it on your ticket. However, a name change fee will be charged. Also, you should modify it up to three hours prior to departure. 
  • Name Change Due to Marriage/Divorce: As per the name change policy, name changes are permitted under specific legal circumstances such as marriage, divorce, or adoption. Aeromexico flight name change ought to be backed by valid documents like divorce/marriage certificate or court orders. 

How Do I Change Name On An Aeromexico Ticket?

Aeromexico offers multiple online and offline options to alter or change a name on the ticket. You can’t make a critical name correction or name change online because you have to talk with the airline’s executive. However, you can use the online option to make minor name alterations. 

Mode 1: Online Name Modification 

To make name modifications online using the website, you should follow these simple steps: 

  • To begin, you need to launch the official Aeromexico website and choose the My Booking option. 
  • Then, input your reservation code and last name in the preferred field to retrieve the flight reservation. 
  • Once access the flight summary page, choose the incorrect name and hit the Correct Name tab. 
  • Next, write the correct name and save the modifications. 
  • After that, you should pay the name correction charge and the fare difference, if any. 
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation for a name correction.   

Mode 2: Name Change Over The Phone 

For an Aeromexico flight name change, you should approach Aeromexico customer support at 1-800-237-6639. Additionally, you can reach out to a flight expert at +1-800-865-1848. Once transferred to an executive, you should share the reason for name change and provide essential information like reference code. You should provide legal documents like a marriage/divorce agreement or court order to justify the change. An additional name change fee with the fare difference, if any. After completing the procedure, you will obtain a confirmation for name change. 

Mode 3: Name Modification At The Airport 

You can also make minor modifications like correcting inverted first and last names on the ticket at the airport. Don’t forget to carry valid documents including passport or government-issued ID to validate the name correction. Approach the airline’s representative at the ticket counter and request them to make essential adjustments on the ticket.  

How Much Is The Aeromexico Flight Name Change Fee?

As per the Aeromexico name correction policy, the name change fees differ based on the request type, destination, and time. Here is an overview of the fee: 

  • Domestic Flights: To change a name for domestic flights, you should pay the additional name change cost. The request must be made at least three hours prior to the departure. Passengers who have booked the tickets at Brazil Point of Sale and booking basically paid for a EMD Compensation/Travel Voucher can’t make a name change/correction.   
  • International Flights: You need to pay the additional cost to make a name change and place the request no later than 15 days prior to the departure. This service isn’t accessible for bookings made at Brazil Point of Sale and tickets purchased with a Travel Voucher/EMD Compensation.  
  • Minor Name Correction: Minor name modifications like misspellings due to typo are free. However, you might need to provide documents like a passport or government-approved ID for authentication. 

Final Words 

Aeromexico has the most flexible name correction policy in place that makes the name modification procedure quick and simple. Hence, it’s essential to understand the Aeromexico name correction policy to complete the name change process without any fuss. Moreover, you can get in touch with the airline’s customer support helpdesk at 1-800-237-6639. Additionally, you can connect with a flight expert at +1-800-865-1848 to get your problem fixed in a few minutes.

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